Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Unforeseen Costs of Drunk Driving

It is no big secret that getting a DWI can be devastating in a number of ways. The obvious results are fines and possible imprisonment, as well as endangering the lives of others and yourself. However, there are long-term effects that many who make the unwise decision to drink and then get behind the wheel never consider.

Drunk Driving charge can have a negative impact on your job. These days some companies have taken the step to make getting a DWI, whether on company time or not, a one-way ticket right out the door. Depending on where you live, you could face immediate dismissal or be required to attend substance abuse training in order to retain your position. If your job requires you to use company vehicles, many times a DWI conviction will result in termination.

Professions such as truck driving, courier or driving delivery vehicles almost all have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to driving while intoxicated. If you currently hold a CDL chances are it will be taken away, and the opportunity to ever obtain a professional driving license may be lost forever. There can also be negative repercussions if you hold a commercial or recreational pilot’s license.
Repeat offenders may be ordered to perform community service. This can take time away from your family and your job. If you are suffering from alcohol dependency a judge may insist you receive inpatient medical treatment. This can end up being paid out of your pocket, once again costing you time away from work and financially.

While most are aware that there will be ramifications to your automobile insurance from getting a DWI; the premium increases are often substantial and cancellation of your policy is a real possibility. The increase in cost can go on for years, and many have difficulty being picked up by other insurance companies once their policy is cancelled.

Your lifestyle may be restricted by electronic monitoring devices. These can be either on your person or your vehicle. House arrest for you can inhibit your daily routine for a long period of time. While you will most likely be allowed to go to your job, nighttime activities will be curtailed. If there is a monitor on your vehicle, it will not start if you have consumed alcohol.

For those of us who would never consider getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, there are unfortunately consequences due to those who do drink and drive. Taxpayers pick up the costs to clean up highways related to collisions by drunk drivers. When planning a night on the town, do yourself a favor and plan for a designated driver or taxi ride. Besides the immediate price you may pay with fines or jail time, a DUI conviction can cost you for years into the future. For more information contact Houston DWI attorney Herman Martinez.

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