Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Driving While Intoxicated Conviction Has Far Reaching Effects

After someone has been convicted for Driving While Intoxicated the problems aren't over after the probation has started in essence the “real world” trouble has just started.

For example you and your team of salespeople just signed one of the biggest contracts your company has ever closed. You decide to go out and celebrate with them and have a few drinks. Realizing it is past 11 o’clock on a week night the team disperses for a good night sleep and everyone heads home.

After an innocent night of celebrating the unthinkable happens, you are pulled over. After a FST (Field Sobriety Test) you are arrested for driving under the influence and put in jail.

Once on your record, that one DWI arrest may follow you everywhere. First, your insurance rates will skyrocket; both auto and life. Next, your driver’s license may be suspended and most states require alcohol education classes. These classes are mandatory and telling your boss you need time off to attend these classes is putting your current job at risk, regardless of how great an employee you have been.

You will have to depend on either public transportation or the kindness of friends and family to get you to and from work. If you are in sales you probably depend on your car to get you to and from appointments and business meetings. If your license is gone your job may be also. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

Most employers do a background check when hiring. The DWI charge will come up and it will automatically put you in a compromised position with your future employer. If and when you attempt to get a loan for a new home or car if the lending agency can find any reason to increase your interest rate, the DWI will likely be number one the list.

Hiring an attorney to represent you in court is the not just the first thing you can do; it is the best thing you can do. An attorney will examine all the facts of the case and be an educated and equipped voice in the courts. An attorney may be able to help save your driver’s license and/or get your drunk driving case dismissed. For more information on how to get help with a DWI contact us.