Saturday, November 7, 2009

Any pub is good pub

Everyone knows the saying that any publicity is good publicity. I can not decide if I agree with that statement. Recently, the Houston Press ran an article regarding DWI attorneys in Houston featuring Tyler Flood. The article paints all lawyers that practice DWI in a bad light while target Mr. Flood's practice. What ensues is a fraternity boy mentality going wild getting guilty people off and boasting along the way. The article misses the important that anyone accused of a crime is PRESUMED INNOCENT. This applies to a traffic ticket, DWI, or murder. The same rules apply. The accused must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead of focusing on the fact Houston Police officers routinely arrest people for DWI that are innocent the spotlight is shining on Mr. Flood lives his life and how the public is a more dangerous place because he may win a case that seemed lost all the while bragging about the outcome.

Mr. Flood does not reflect the attitude of this Houston DWI lawyer. I go into every case presuming my client is innocent, seeking a dismissal, and not allowing my ego get in the way of doing the best for my client. I will always put my client's interest before my own.