Saturday, November 21, 2009

Your Houston DWI Attorney- my law firm

I am a partner at Madrid, Martinez & Associates, a Houston law firm that aggressively defends against driving while intoxicated charges (DWI). My team of experienced DWI attorneys represent clients throughout the greater Houston area. We have experience with virtually every type of alcohol-related case, from first-time misdemeanor DWI offenses to felony DWI and vehicular manslaughter charges.
The success of my DWI practice stems from the outstanding level of service we offer to our DWI clients. I am here to help you and fight for you, without judgment or lectures. My team will get to know you in an effort to understand your particular circumstance from top to bottom.
We know you are facing a tough situation. We're here for you. If you're interested in talking with me or another DWI lawyer, we offer free consultations. . We offer confidence and peace of mind during a very stressful time and empower you to make informed decisions about your future.
A skilled DWI defense lawyer can make a difference if your matter is handled correctly. As a DWI attorney I will investigate your case, try to save your driving privileges, negotiate with the prosecutor, handle all court appearances and guide you through the legal process. You should not gamble with your future. If you have questions regarding DWI charges, I am available for a free consultation by calling (713) 225-1038. If I am not in the office someone from my staff will give you my mobile phone number if you request it.